Artistic wonder woman takes over Sultan’s Gallery


Lancaster University’s very own Marketing student, Anya Rasaiah, is proudly hosting her very own art exhibition at The Sultan Gallery in Lancaster on Wednesday 29th February, which opens at 6pm and will continue to be on display for the following two months. The show will host narrative works which depict certain states of being, personal to the artist herself but which she feels others can relate to – be prepared for the private to become public in an expressive collaboration of mixed media pieces which are striking, visceral and boldly unapologetic.

Anya’s work initially consists of multiple layers of handwriting, built up from thoughts and emotions which are expressed on canvas until they are no longer legible. As these reflections increase in seriousness they begin to overlap and intertwine, becoming knitted into a web of wonder which is the foundation in most of her pieces. A mix of collage and layering techniques are applied to the underlying prose to ensure the work is textural and retains a sense of depth.

Listing Ian Francis, Lucy McLaughlan, Dave Kinsey and Kim Cognan amongst her favourite artists, it is apparent that like them Anya wants to convey a sense of painterly skill combined with a deeper meaning to evoke a more perplexing viewer response. Her work is not simply aesthetically pleasing – it is demanding and warrants attention; asking for time, consideration and contemplation from the spectator.

Rasaiah’s art is interesting, not only because of its aesthetic qualities of thoughtful composition and a considered sense of form but it is simultaneously admirable on the account that she is a student by day and a self–trained artist by night, casually creating fantastic art work in her spare time like some sort of artistic Wonder Woman. Hats off to you Anya Rasaiah – the girl’s done good.

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