Candidate interview: Richard Cadd

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“I want to improve communication between the VP and student groups”

Richard Cadd – Fylde College

“A front man for the University” is how Vice President (Activities) candidate Richard ‘Caddy’ Cadd defines the role. “Over the past 6 months I have worked for LUSU on the info desk in the bunker. I have witnessed what each of the FTOs do and I believe that I can fulfil the role of VP (Activities).”

Cadd believes that the combined role of VP (Activities) has been a successful one over the past year and that it is better to have one person representing sports and societies, a visible icon. He also believes that it is crucial to treat all clubs and societies fairly and that communication is an important part of this.

Cadd believes that meeting with as many teams as possible at least once a term to review their progress and set aims and objectives will be highly beneficial.

“With Lancaster University being in the top 10 in league tables in the country, I believe we should be aiming to up our BUCS ranking as well. We are currently 47th in the country for overall BUCS points and as VP (Activities) I would hope to try within the year to get us into at least the 30’s and maybe lower.” Cadd would aim to support BUCS teams with specialist coaches and as desirable training times as possible. He would also open discussions to look at the issues surrounding Wednesday lectures and seminars with a view to keeping Wednesdays’ free, enabling full teams to travel to away matches.

As 2013 would be the year of a Roses tournament in York rather than Lancaster, Cadd believes that relationships need to be built between the VP (Activities)and the sports captains from the beginning of the year. “In previous years there has been a lot of emphasis on the party side of the competition; I would aim to put a stronger emphasis on the sport itself.” Cadd believes communication is crucial to the role and “developing strong connections with the clubs would hopefully mean that clubs respect you enough to respect Roses and play well for you.”

Cadd maintains that the most important thing is communication. “The main aim of my election campaign is to improve communications between the VP and the execs and members of the different clubs and societies. I would like to make sure the clubs and societies knew what funding was available so that they can improve over the upcoming year.”

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