Could Clare’s Law herald a new era?


Despite recent delays, the launch of ‘Clare’s Law’ is believed to be unveiled shortly in four areas in England and Wales. The campaign is named after Clare Wood, the victim of the brutal murder convicted by her ex-boyfriend. Spearheaded by Clare’s father, the proposal was to the purpose of the protection of females, who would possess the rights of obtaining their partner’s violence history from the police. There is no doubt that Clare’s case is a tragedy; however, the legislation is in fact of minor significance to the end of domestic violence.

The effectiveness of the law has been raising eyebrows in the public, as it is not expected to be in use until the emergence of violence. In the early stages of romance, it is apparently unlikely for a woman to ask for her lover’s background information. One is responsible and should be aware of any potential risks before starting a relationship. Besides, the abuse is often so unrecognizable at the beginning that the victim will never file a complaint. It usually starts with humiliation and manipulation, followed by the escalation of physical abuse. Once the harm is visible, the need of disclosure has already passed by.

The couples are generally considered to suffer under the rule enforcement to a large extent. Not only is it a violation of privacy, but also the breeding ground for false assurance or alarms. Should a man with violent tendencies be not convicted of any criminal offence, that will slacken one’s vigilance over the conflicts existing in the relationship. More types of compensation claims would be paved. On the other hand, the legislation could create much insecurity and wreck the affair forever. Once an argument occurs, the criminal records will probably be used as the excuse for divorce. Furthermore, some tend to tolerate their beloved’s strings of current violence acts and history, and insist that there will be changes in future.

Instead of law introduction, the local government should be more seriously involved with the violent acts. Reported by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the homicides were largely attributed to the inefficiency of the police forces, which include failures of effective allegation investigation and evidence collection. It was said that there was little response to Clare’s pleas for protection from her ex’s harassment. More funds are needed to spend on the efficiency of the services or specialist training, rather than enacting the law with small influence.

Education is mandatory to terminate the cruel behaviours as well. Children should be instilled with the knowledge that violence is seen as the signal of relationship failure and should be met with zero tolerance. It is suggested that one should not take any risks and leave when in doubts.

I am utterly supportive of the underlying concept of Clare’s Law, which aims to condemn any aggressive acts. Nevertheless, the components of the scheme raise the question of whether one would benefit. Besides time inappropriateness, unnecessary disharmonies could arise. More practical support and advice from the society are therefore preferred.

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