Five seconds of fame


Last week, I had a real red carpet experience. Cameron Diaz, Cheryl Cole and Chace Crawford graced their presence at the IMAX cinema on South Bank, London to promote the new film ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’-and I was lucky enough to be there!

Having a friend who is interning at Warner Brothers is beyond ideal. She was fortunate to get these tickets from her manager, and I was invited!

Tuesday was beautifully sunny, and upon arrival a number of girls were screaming ‘Cheryl,’ over and over again, as Ms Cole stepped out of her car and made her way up the red carpet. Hanging around the crowds of fans with their cameras in the air, I managed to get some great shots of people’s heads.. not the dream photo I had hoped for.

As ticket holders we were let through the barriers, and headed onto the carpet with Cameron, Cheryl and Chace. Each of them making their way down either side of the carpet, signing autographs and greeting fans.  As we approached the wall of press photographers, there was no flashing of cameras and posing in a number of different flattering positions, no. We were hurried on by a female security guard, who may as well have said ‘move out the way, noone knows who you are’. Despite our best efforts to hang around and catch a better glimpse of the stars, we were forced to head inside and hang around in the foyer, before being let into the cinema.

The excitement was building as the audience waited for the stars to come in and introduce the film and  we could see Cameron, Chace and Cheryl waiting to come up the grand stairs. Such a variety of people, press, other film companies, Z-list celebs; I think I saw Vanessa Feltz and one of the TOWIE girls, who I wouldn’t know if I fell over her. The thrill of having high profile actors and actresses in the same building as me was amazing. Eventually they were introduced and with a wave and a smile, it wasn’t long before they were gone.

‘So they don’t actually stay and watch the film?!’, I exclaimed to my mate, who is a pro premiere attendee after her year at Warner Brothers. It seems that all the glamour, the red carpet and the hundreds of photographers are the key parts to this premiere, rather than the film itself. The celebrities left, and despite Cheryl staying to watch, the thrill of the celebrities at the premiere had left the building and followed Cameron back to her car.

I can’t deny the fact that going to a premiere and seeing a film before anyone else is exciting, but I’ve learnt that the glamour and the buzz that might be portrayed on the tv and in the press is actually not present as much as I had expected. It’s an experience that many people won’t ever have, and would perhaps dream of. Seeing the film is a pretty cool experience, but hanging around at the barriers gets you a much better view of the celebrities on the carpet, and maybe even the chance to say hi and get an autograph.

Perhaps a bigger premiere might have a different atmosphere. I guess I’ll have to hope for another opportunity in the future. In the mean time, the press photos in magazines and the papers are much better than the shots I managed to get. I have to point out though, that ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ is a light comedy, which made me laugh and cry. I fully recommend it to all girls and guys, red carpet or not, it was a thoroughly enjoyable film.

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