New Radio Series on Bailrigg


Following on from last year’s series of radio plays Echoes from the Deep, Bailrigg FM, the Writer’s Society and Theatre Group have come together for a new series of radio plays which will be recorded and produced to be broadcast throughout the Lent term.

The series is called The Case Files of Doctor DeMortrem and is split into ten episodes, each taking place with different people, at different points of time, in different locations, but all dealing with supernatural occurrences, with the tenth episode tying everything together.

Co-writer and producer James Varney had this to say about the project, “after Echoes, we were all buzzing off of how awesome it was and it was suggested that a term-long radio series would be even better. Tim (Mackworth-Praed, the co-writer) and I agreed and Tim went away and wrote ten hour-long plays as a series. I jumped at the chance of being involved in a production role again and at the start of this term we got going on putting everything in motion. We’ve managed quite a bit but we’re still on the lookout for anyone who wants to get involved.”

The team are looking for actors, designers and technicians. The cast of Echoes enjoyed a unique and exciting experience, and this next project is even more ambitious. Budding vocal actors are invited to head down to Bowland Seminar Room 13 for an informal audition session on Friday 2nd, 6pm-10pm and Saturday 3rd of November, 2pm – 5pm.

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