LU Cinema’s Third Dimension


Lancaster University’s campus cinema, LU Cinema, entered another dimension last week with the launch of 3D-film technology.

To celebrate the launch, the Cinema screened a series of 3D animated films throughout Week One, beginning with Hotel Transylvania on Monday, Paranorman on Thursday and Friday, and Frankenweenie over the weekend.

Cinema-enthusiasts were able to experience the visual effects in Bowland Main lecture theatre like never before, and at a fraction of the expense of a screening at a nationwide chain.

Before the beginning of the Lent term, the only way to enjoy films in 3D was to pay exorbitant prices at town- and city-centre venues, which are requires a great deal more effort than popping along the Spine to Bowland College.

LU Cinema was refurbished for the 2011/12 academic year and now features a refreshments kiosk, upgraded seating and a high-quality projector. The enterprise is run entirely by student volunteers and facilitates the provision of a ‘wide range from recent releases to blockbuster classics, documentaries and beyond.’

Future 3D films include Madagascar 3 and Rise of the Guardians. Also, towards the end of term, expect to travel to Middle Earth in 3D from the comfort of our very own campus!

Tickets for LU Cinema screenings cost £3, or £2 with a Purplecard. Information about screenings, the box office and how to contact the Executive can be found online at

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