It’s All Over


As I’m writing this, I have the smug satisfaction of having finished my exams. Yes that’s right, while most other people are still trapped in the library vortex and haven’t seen the light of day for weeks, surviving only on Subway, energy drinks and the tears of their desperation, I am free, FREE! (I know, I know, I would hate me too. I was there only days ago, I feel your pain.) Not only that, but they were my last exams ever ever ever. As in, I have now finished my degree. Asjdalsifoiagiuhsdflgkjh.

However, once the initial elation and Lambrini-fueled celebrations wore off (yeah, I’m a classy bird), the reality of my situation actually kicked in. I’ve finished my degree… What the hell do I do now? Sure, I have some general, vague ideas about having a year out and then going on to do a Masters (can’t get enough of that further education). But under the relief and euphoria of managing to make it through university virtually unscathed, aside from slight post-dissertation stress disorder and a minor drinking problem, lies a definite feeling of mild panic.

Having spent three years in the bubble of university life, I find the prospect of entering the ‘real world’ both exciting and a little frightening. My life can really begin now! The future is a realm of possibility and adventure, of magic and wonder! Full of grown up things like self-reliance, nine-to-fives, and bills! Oh…

I have to go about finding a job – begin hyperventilation – and living with my parents again until I do (oh lord give me strength). Gone are the days when reading a novel counted as work, when I could go out on a weeknight without any qualms, and I could spend most of my time looking at funny pictures of cats on the internet. Those were the days. Relish them, young first and second years. You’re unlikely to experience them again.

Despite these sad, sad revelations, I’m definitely glad to have finally finished university. True, I may not have a graduate job lined up, or have plans to go jet-setting around the world finding myself and chundering everywhere. But this is where life actually starts to get going, and since I’m just beginning and haven’t had the chance to get bored and miserable about it yet, I’m feeling pretty good about what comes next. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but that’s half the fun.

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