Grizedale the favourite in 2013 bar survey

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Lancaster University students rate Grizedale bar as “the best bar on campus”, a survey conducted by SCAN has revealed.

30 per cent of the 689 respondents favoured Grizedale above the other college bars, with the most frequent reasons cited being its modern design and atmosphere, and the drinks – especially its cocktail menu – on offer.

Grizedale’s current position is a significant change in fortune from that reflected in SCAN’s 2010 survey. Three years ago the survey on students’ opinions of their college bars saw Grizedale favoured by a minority of students: only five per cent named it their favourite, while the 39 per cent favouring Furness College’s bar led Trevor to the top-spot.

Fylde’s bar, The Windmill, came in second with almost 16 per cent of the votes. The food menu offered by The Windmill appears to have played a significant role in Fylde’s success, with its fare ranked the best of all the bars serving food. Furthermore, when asked whether “these new food offerings [made the students] more or less likely to use the bars”, the overwhelming response indicated that they would, with roughly half of all respondents answering “more likely”. Less than one per cent responded that they were now less likely to visit food-serving bars. However, students rated the variety of food on offer as the least important aspect of campus bars, instead preferring attention to be paid to the prices of drinks and the bars’ aesthetics.

It would appear that, while food is important to students, it is the quality more than the variety that matters to them, and that this concern is superseded by that of drinks prices. This is corroborated by the greatest proportion of those surveyed who said that they were most likely to use campus bars in the evening, after 5.00 pm.

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