Lonsdale firework incident sparks investigation


Lonsdale College - Photo by Alex Stewart
Lonsdale College – Photo by Alex Stewart

An investigation has been launched after fireworks were lit in a flat in Lonsdale College in the early hours of Saturday Week 10.

A number of students gained access without permission to the flat in House 40 of Lonsdale College. The fireworks were set off in the kitchen before the students involved ran from the scene.

Two male students have since admitted to the incident. They have agreed to cover the repair and cleaning costs and they will also be charged with £240 fine each.

One of the students has also been permanently banned from Lonsdale College due to aggravated factors.

In an email to Lonsdale residents, Tracy Hargreaves, the Lonsdale College Residence Officer, said: “Luckily no-one was physically harmed with the excess smoke but this could have been a lot worse. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour especially when it puts lives at risk.”

The fire brigade also had to be called to the flat, where some residents were still inside at the time of the prank.

In a statement to SCAN, Charlie Edwards, President of Lonsdale College, said: “I am disappointed that some reckless and juvenile students have marred the reputation of our college at the end of what has otherwise been a really good year. I feel sorry for the students affected and we will work to ensure the welfare and protection of our students in the future.”

Students with further information related to this incident should contact Tracy Hargreaves, the Lonsdale College Residences Officer, on lonsdalecro@lancaster.ac.uk.

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