LUEDMS – The Lancaster Invasion Thus Far


The Lancaster University Electronic Dance Music Society (LUEDMS) has grown, in the space of a year, from a small gathering of 40 members into a diverse, eclectic and intriguing collection of 300 Lancaster University students. It began life simply as an idea, between 5 friends who had previously spent a vast amount of time complaining about the lack of choice in music and venue for the typical Lancaster student night out. Fancy dress or the weekly pilgrimage to Sugarhouse was no longer enough, and so LUEDMS was born as an excuse to utilise the venues and attempt to put on some good music for the benefit of the minority. It is a society which, focussed of course on all forms of Electronic Dance Music (no, not Rihannah, Nicki Minaj, Ellie Goulding or Florence and the Machine), allowed the minority to find a group of like-minded people, and finally have somewhere, no matter how small, to go to for a night out.

As the society has grown, its Executive Committee has found that actually putting on nights in a variety of venues has gained an encouraging level of support; particularly this academic year under its President, James Rushe, and two Social Secretaries, Seetal Rupra and Joe Harris. Gradually, the society has built up a roster of talented DJ’s who, as a result have not only become friends between themselves and members of the society, but have also been accepted as support acts for Utah Saints (in Revolutions), Bondax and Rudimental at Sugarhouse on the 15th June 2013. Alongside this, they have become the residents of Mint Lancaster, have formulated their own complimentary nights, such as the “Mint Lock-Ins”, and have previously played at Lancaster’s own Extravaganza’s (one man prompting a stage riot in Grizedale in 2011 if anyone remembers.)

It has been hard work for this society, but having shared a residency at Mint Lancaster, where LUEDMS now runs its own EDM night, it has all paid off. Clubs across Lancaster are now suddenly beginning to get a taste of what student DJ’s are actually capable of, and how many people are in support of them. Indeed, it would seem that the University has itself, decided to test what exactly it is that LUEDMS is made of. On the 28th June 2013, Lancaster University will prepare itself for the first time in its history to open Pendle Bar for the 2nd time during the week of Extravaganzas for a 4th day event. And LUEDMS will be running it.

The event will be out publicly within the next week, and will for the first time, be an event which does not discriminate between colleges, but is open to every single member of Lancaster University. The aim is not to show off the society, but aims quite simply, to get as many people together in one place at the end of the year so that every member of this University can experience what LUEDMS members have experienced this year; complete and utter enjoyment, and the feeling of being welcomed into something new. We of course, hope that this will not be the only time that a 4th Day event occurs during Extrav week. If it is though, then those who attend will be a part of a very colourful and vibrant history, for not only LUEDMS, but also for the University.

If you wish to see what LUEDMS is up to, then check out their Facebook group. Their last night at Mint Lancaster, which is a two day event on the 20th-21st June called “MintFest”, is now online, and you can find out more about this on their page. Otherwise, I will be seeing you on the 28th June at Pendle Bar, watching it being used as it has never been used before.

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