Get drunk, not fat!


So you’ve been sticking to a healthy diet and your waistline is thanking you for it. Then your friends ask you along to a bar crawl – what do you do? Everyone knows alcohol is famous for piling on the pounds. However, if you know your drinks, you can stick to those with a low calorie count, leaving you to have a good night without busting the diet.


1. Rum and diet coke

Measurements: 30mls rum and 150mls diet coke
Calories: 65

It’s obvious: sticking to diet mixers will slash the calories of any drink. An exotic drink hailing from the Caribbean, this is one best served on the rocks with a wedge of lime.


2. Jägerbomb

Measurements: ½ can sugar-free Redbull and 45mls jägermeister
Calories: 110

If you really can’t turn down a quick shot, jägerbombs are the way to go. With less than ten calories in a whole can of sugar-free Redbull, this drink is kind to your figure. Just watch out if you’re ever drinking in Australia, where in many regions the J-bomb is banned.


3. Cosmopolitan

Measurements: 50mls vodka, 15mls Triple Sec, 50mls lime juice, 50mls cranberry juice
Calories: 150

Cocktails are notoriously full of killer calories, but cosmos are a great slimline choice. And if it’s good enough for Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw…


4. Fosters Ice

Measurements: One bottle(330mls)
Calories: 122

The phrase ‘beer belly’ has led to the myth that beer is particularly bad for your weight. However, many beers are below 150 calories per bottle; if in doubt, stick to ‘light’ variants.


5. White wine spritzer

Measurements: 60mls soda, 120mls white wine
Calories: 96

Popular in Austria, the spritzer was invented so that the drinker could drink larger, thirst-quenching amounts without getting too drunk… or gaining weight!

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