Student Lock-ins: How to Bag a Bargain


One of the greatest benefits of being a student is that you get to take advantage of the infamous student discount that’s offered by a number of shops on the high street. Once fresher’s week is over and everyone’s bank balances have taken a significant hit, us students are likely to only part with our money if we’re getting a bargain out of it.

This is where student lock-ins come in. In the past, River Island, New Look and Internacionale have offered student lock-ins in Lancaster. These events see the stores close down to all but students, provide the savvy shoppers with drinks and a DJ whilst they browse the discounted clothes.

To make the most of Student Lock-ins, arrive early and have an idea of what you want to purchase ahead of time, setting yourself a budget might also come in handy unless you fancy not eating for the rest of the year.

As it’s the start of a new term, you should look to pick up pieces that will see you through the year so you’re not wasting any of that precious student loan. Lancaster’s fluctuating (although usually always freezing) weather has to be kept in mind, so when it comes to nights out you want durable flats and heels that can withstand all weather conditions, and maybe also the dreaded nightclub floor. Unless you’re really brave, don’t opt for open toes – you have been warned!

Keep a look out for Jeans, they are a wardrobe staple which can be worn all year, and you can’t go wrong investing in a new coat. Pale pink is a top trend this season, but I’d be wary of getting splashed by a passing car or bus, so perhaps limit any pink fetish to lipstick, nails and accessories until summer comes around again. If all else fails, a leather jacket or little black dress will never go out of style and can’t be ruined by a spilled drink in Sugar.

Keep a look out for up-coming Lancaster lock-ins, but if you want a date for your diary Preston’s St. George’s Shopping Centre is hosting a huge lock-in on the 1st October, 6pm-9pm. You can find out more by searching online.

Happy shopping and good luck!

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