Muse: Live at Rome Olympic Stadium – Film Preview


6th July, 1189:  Richard I “the Lionheart” accedes to the English throne.

6th July, 1785: The dollar is unanimously chosen as the monetary unit for the United States.

6th July, 1946: Birth of Sylvester Stallone.

6th July, 2013: Muse perform what will be the first of their new ‘multi-sensory cinematic mindgasms’ at Rome’s Olympic Stadium, in front of a crowd of 60,963 people; the last leg of their ‘Unsustainable Tour’ of Europe.

By the audience’s reckoning it was indeed a landmark with reviews from around the world going wild. “Bloody beautiful”, “genius” and “mind-boggling” were just some of the descriptions given by world famous critics as they stood among the Muse-manic masses.
“This is the biggest tour we’ve done in terms of scale and production value,” lead singer and eternal teenage heart-throb, Matt Bellamy claimed of The Unsustainable Tour which promotes their new album, The 2nd Law, “It’s definitely the show we’re most proud of.”
Missed the Rome recital? Never fear – you can now experience the concert in all its glory in the warmth of your local cinema, as it shoots to the big screen in the band’s first live concert film: ‘Muse: Live at Rome Olympic Stadium’. And the self-proclaimed “trashy three-piece” couldn’t be more energised for it’s unveiling.
“We’re really excited to be able to release it as the first ever ultra high definition concert film. It captures an extraordinary amount of detail and not just everything we’re doing – the fans, even those at the back, the set, the actors and the incredible atmosphere on a very special night in Rome. We can promise our fans, whether they managed to come to the live shows or not, an entirely new Muse concert experience.”
Never ones to disappoint, their live concert film will be released in 4K, otherwise known as Ultra High Definition – typical Muse. For the less knowledgeable cinematic fans, 4K definitions equates to 8.8 million pixels. It also has four times the definition you saw when your mind was blown by Avatar.
On November 7th, Muse: Live at Rome Olympic Stadium will be screened at over 100 cinemas worldwide, including the Vue at Lancaster, to the pure delight of Muse and cinema fans alike.

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