Chinese banking officials visit Lancaster Management School


An All China Youth Federation organised delegation, made up of Chinese banking and financial officials, have visited Lancaster University Management school for a 10 day management development programme.

They received training in a variety of aspects of UK financial management during their stay, including: risk management, small business financing and the effects of the financial crisis. The school also taught the visitors about developing and financing youth projects in the UK, which was an area of special interest to them.

The delegation itself was made up of Chinese officials from leading banks and financial institutions in the world’s second largest economy, including some from the Bank of China.

Professor David Brown, director of the Lancaster China Management Centre, expressed the importance of the visit, stating: “this delegation of bankers and finance officials is one of the highest level we have ever received. Their programme at Lancaster brought together finance and youth policy expertise – it is this interface that all the managers have special responsibilities for back in China.”

He went on to reveal the variety of organisations which made the delegation possible, saying: “such a programme can only happen with wide support from outside. We were delighted when the Bank of China, Lancashire County Council and Warrington Further Education Colleges joined our faculty and others to share their practices with the managers. A difficult programme to design but it was very successful and strengthens our links with the All China Youth Federation. “

David Brown was also keen to express why the visit was important for the Lancaster China Management Centre itself as he called the visit by the delegation a “coup” due to the “stature and expertise” of the visitors.

During their stay in Lancaster, the delegation also supplemented their training with the Management School with presentations from Lancaster County Council representatives. These presentations covered the financial management of the council, including an overview of the council’s young people service.

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