PPR students get the Ghan-ahead


Six students will have the opportunity to visit Lancaster University’s recently opened campus in Ghana this coming April.

The Lancaster-Ghana Undergraduate Ambassadors scheme will allow selected students from the Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) department to visit the campus, which gained accreditation in October, during the Easter vacation. ”. According to information released on an email sent to PPR student the scheme will “foster regular meaningful interaction between Lancaster-based and Ghana-based students and staff”, and will “be academically stimulating and provide the chosen students with the opportunity to develop skills and add an international dimension to their learning”.

A number of activities have been considered for the visit. It is envisaged that the chosen students will take part in local classes at the Accra-based campus. There may also be an international debate day where a mix of LU-Lancaster and LU-Ghana students debate relevant international issues, with academics from both campuses taking part in judging. Furthermore, the students may get an opportunity to interview a number of Ghanaian organisations such as NGOs, local government and legal institutions during a research day. There could also be an organised tour of Accra, Ghana’s capital, where LU-Ghana students and academics may act as guides. Students will also be encouraged to suggest, develop and plan relevant activities in a meeting for the selected students in December.

The weeklong visit is available to second and third year students who will be selected on the basis of their overall track record at University. This will include merits of attendance and attainment, as well as a 500 word submission concerning why they believe they are suitable for the scheme. Expenses including immunisations, visas, insurance, travel and all board and lodgings will be covered by the university.

One PPR student SCAN spoke to was excited by the opportunity: “I think it will be a great way to experience and learn about another country, develop my own thinking and see what effect the campus is having over there”.

According to Lancaster University’s website, similar opportunities will also be available to students from the Ghana branch campus. They will be invited spend either a semester or a full academic year at Lancaster University as well as take part in the university’s summer schools.

Teaching at the Ghana campus is collaborated between Lancaster University and TNE Ghana and began on 7 October. The disciplines taught will expand to include a wide range of subjects including management, law, international relations, computing and psychology.

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