2014: The year of the flawless face

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From this single look are the essences of trends to come; bold lips, dewy skin, glittered eyes, and winged liner.

The Bold Lip

If you want your lips to look good, devoid of flaky rank texture, I recommend starting now. Exfoliate your lips regularly, just when you exfoliate your face, or brush over them with your toothbrush (sounds disgusting but this way is most effective) and moisturise them immediately afterwards. Eye moisturiser soaks in the quickest for a short fix, although carmex is usually the best. Then you can start. The key colours are berry shades ranging from raspberry pinks to blackberry purples but not to the intensity of the autumn. The muted tones of spring are achieved through stains and softening coloured balms. The rest of the face is minimal but if you’re like me and need something a bit more, structure your eyebrows, apply some bronze highlighter, and a glowing cheek colour. The bronzed effect of this combination works perfect with the bold orange lip also premiering on catwalks. For paler skin you can use orange and pull it off, for darker skin tones and olive skin like mine I would use a warmer coral.

Gilded Eyes

Depending on the shimmer you want to use, be it traditional silver or gold, or something more controversial, choose a matte colour to offset the shimmer. An example for the traditionalists among myself, if applying a gold glitter, compliment this by firstly applying a brown shadow all over the lid from the lash line up to the crease. Apply your gold glitter with your fingertips directly to the eyelid concentrating on the centre as this opens up the eye and directs focus to this point.

Neutral Eyes and Precision Liner

‘Bare’ eyes are rarely literal and are in fact dressed in some kind of shadow. For a natural look apply a matte skin-colour shade, highlight the inner corner of the eye and brow arch, line your lower water line with white liner, and contour slightly with bronzer in the crease to add definition. If you want to accentuate this further apply liner on the upper lash line. Perfect liner starts with the wing, so draw the outer part first so you can get them equal on both sides then do a dot to dot along the lashline and join up all the way along. Use a cotton bud dipped in make-up remover to eradicate mistakes and keep your foundation brush ready for touch-ups. Another method I seen recently was to trace a line with black powder or pencil first and then go over with your liquid pen – whichever you find easiest.

Insider Tip: you can actually contact most cosmetic counters to book in for a trend update. They usually come at the cost of one purchase. So basically if you want some new make-up, ring beforehand and get a full tutorial at the cost of a lipstick.

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