Answers from Alex Square


Emily Braithwaite, 2nd year languages

Rebecca Turley, 2nd year languages

Germaine Tuck, 2nd year Religious Studies

Gabby Jones, 2nd year Religious Studies

Rachel Illingworth, 2nd year Religious Studies

Lisa Roberts, 2nd year Business Studies

Nick Walpole, 1st year Biomedical Science

Nathan Limbach, 3rd year Physics

Moritz Watkins, 2nd year Euro BBA

Evan Watkins, 2nd year Euro BBA

1.    Do you think drunkenness is a problem on campus?

Emily: I don’t think it’s a major issue. Not many people get that drunk.

Rebecca: I don’t think many people get that drunk. If they do then it becomes a welfare issue. It’s a vague term ‘drunk’ and it’s difficult to measure what is an inappropriate level of drunkenness on campus.

Germaine: I don’t understand how people can measure drunkenness. I don’t know how imposing fines could stick, as it would surely cause trouble with parents at home as well.

Gabby: People rarely drink that much. I don’t think imposing fines would work.

Rachel: No, I’ve never seen people drunk on campus and I never feel threatened by anyone. I understand why Lonsdale is cracking down on extreme behaviour, but fines are harsh.

Lisa: I think that students are normally quite sensible when it comes to drinking but there’s obvious exceptions to that. It encourages people to do it out of town and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Nick: No and if anything it’s good that people are getting drunk on campus because it’s a safe environment for them to do so.

Nathan: Not them I’m aware of. Drunkeness can get dangerous but I’ve not seen this on campus.

Moritz: No I don’t understand it at all why someone would think that.

Evan: No I think individual cases are having a great impact on people’s perceptions when it comes to that sort of thing.

Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
  1. 2.    Would you agree to having your medical records sold off to private companies?

Emily: Definitely not. I think it’s a breach of personal privacy. It should be more widely publicised and it should be an opt-in system.

Rebecca: I didn’t know about this. You should be able to share your own medical records at your own discretion. Medical records could also send mixed messages to private companies about a person’s real wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.

Germaine: It’s a difficult issue. It sounds seedy that your records could be sold to private companies.

Gabby: I think it needs to be more widely publicised, but I don’t agree with it.

Rachel: No, it’s definitely not been publicised enough. I’m worried now! It’s a breach of privacy.

Lisa: I think it should be more publicised because then more people will opt-out, it doesn’t seem to really make sense.

Nick: I can’t say I’m really bothered , I don’t see how it will affect me.

Nathan: I’m not a fan of it at all. The only aim I can see is to make money.

Moritz: I don’t really care, I don’t feel like I’ve got anything to hide.

Evan: No I don’t like it, it’s a lot of important information and I don’t think it should be sold off.


Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
  1. 3.    How do you feel about the UCU walkouts?

Emily: It hasn’t really affected me as my tutors aren’t on strike, but I think walkouts are less disruptive than a full-day strike as students may only have one lecture affected rather than several.

Rebecca: It hasn’t affected me, but lecturers have the right to strike. It must be frustrating given the amount of money we’re paying though. We have a right to be taught too.

Germaine: I’m sick of it. It’s happened far too often. We’re paying £9000 to not have lectures!

Gabby: I appreciate the cause, but it has become a bit ridiculous. It would be nice if we were warned beforehand. I’ve just come from a seminar that was cancelled with very late notice.

Rachel: I understand the cause, but I don’t think it’s right that it affects us. It can be an absolute pisstake when my lectures are disrupted. My seminar was cancelled today, and I’m not going to have another one for that module for a fortnight.

Lisa: I think they deserve what they are asking for. They offer a unique service and from my experience it’s a very good one.

Nick: I didn’t really know about it.

Nathan: I didn’t know anything was happening.

Moritz: I’m not really informed on any of this.

Evan: Me too


Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
  1. 4.    What do you think about the bus services to and from campus?

Emily: They’re OK, but often very overcrowded, especially in the morning and the evening. For me it’s not too bad as I live in town, but I know people who live on the 2/2A bus route who find it difficult when buses aren’t on time.

Rebecca: I think the service is good compared to where I’m from, but they are overcrowded.

Germaine: It’s great. They’re regular and the bus drivers are friendly.

Gabby: They’re good enough for me.

Rachel: It’s not too much of an issue for me. I’ve never had to wait very long for a bus, but the 2/2A route can be difficult. I think the co-operation of students is necessary too sometimes; people need to move down the bus or remove bags from seats when it’s busy, as overcrowding can be an issue. The overcrowding is far worse this year than last year.

Lisa: I think it’s really good, can’t think of many ways to improve it.

Nick: Yeah pretty good, although the 2A annoys me with it’s long-winded journey but I suppose those in Bowerham appreciate it.

Nathan: Quite good but I also think it’s very expensive for what you’re getting. I cycle so as to avoid the cost.

Moritz: It’s good regular and fast and that’s what you need really.

Evan: Sometimes it can get too full, particularly at evening time however it is a good service.

Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
Photograph: Marie-Sophie Klingenbrunner
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