New year, new term, new start


Last year, most of us, especially we first years, might have had a rough start in all spheres of university activities. Be it academic, extra-curricular, and even social activities.  For example, academically, we might have had problems getting work done and handing it in before the deadline, and also trying our best to make it in time for lectures. In terms of extra-curricular activities, we might have had the problems trying to fit them into our schedule (some of us might have had to forgo a couple of classes for them). Lastly, socially, most of us (especially those with 9am lectures ) might have faced the problem of trying to get up and ready for the day after a wild night out.

Well, in normal circumstances, it would be my extreme pleasure to announce to you that ‘it’s a new year, and you can be a completely new person, and all the problems you faced will be left in 2013.’ But unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

No matter how many resolutions we set year after year, we still remain the same person on the inside. We hope by making these resolutions, we can change who we are for the better, but it’s not the resolutions themselves that’ll make the difference for us, instead, it’s our will to stick to them that counts.

So as we enter this new year, I have a few tips, or better put, an acronym which can help us get through the rest of the academic year successfully.

Keep Moving Forward: No matter what you might have faced in the previous year, just remember that for things to get better in the future, you have to let go and move on.

Always Be Ready: To survive the storm of work and exams coming ahead of us, we have to be prepare for them beforehand.

Remember What’s Important: When the term starts, it’s usually very easy to forget what’s important, especially when there are lots of activities and things to do throughout the term. So in order to avoid confusion, we must get our priorities right and know what comes first in our endeavours.

Minimize Weeknight Drinking: Amidst the bustling of university night life, it’s very easy to forget our timetable for lectures, and go for what we initially swear will be ‘only a few drinks.’ But three double vodkas, countless shots, and a particularly potent cocktail later, chances are we’re going to miss that important 9am seminar in which all the vital information we need to know for our entire year is divulged.

All is Well: Finally we should always remember that whatever we face, good, bad or just really awkward, we should try to learn from it and let it hold us back.

On a last note, welcome to 2014 everyone, and remember: karma.

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