Preparation for Overseas programme gets underway


Preparation for the 2014 LUSU Overseas trips have begun in earnest, with a talk taking place on Tuesday, Week 2, letting students know about the trips and how they can get involved. Drop-in sessions are also taking place during Lent term giving information about the programme, which takes place during August and September 2014.

LUSU Overseas is an opportunities programme run by the Union to allow students to travel abroad for three weeks to India, China, Ghana or Malaysia with other Lancaster University students. The scheme takes advantage of the international campuses found in these countries, including Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China and Sunway University in Malaysia.

While abroad, the programme aims to provide activities for students in areas centred on community, politics, academia and business. These activities range from teaching English in Guangzhou, China, to taking part in an 80km cycle challenge in India.

LUSU is also providing financial support for those taking part in the programme.  The Union itself can provide up to £675 financial support for those students wanting to go on the trip, with college grants also available.

VP (Campaigns and Communications) Rachel Harvey told SCAN that she believes LUSU Overseas is a “great opportunity.” Harvey said: “I know students love travelling and want to go overseas and get as much international experience at home and abroad. LUSU Overseas is a great way to do that, and you can go and learn about the business, industry and politics of other countries. It can be really eye-opening.”

Questions have been raised about the quality of the teaching at the international campuses. In Week 8, Michaelmas term, SCAN revealed that the GD Goenka campus in India and COMSATS University in Pakistan – both Lancaster University institutions – had problems with examination and teaching. President Joel Pullan, however, said that these problems should not affect the LUSU Overseas programme. “Obviously concerns have been raised around the quality of education in some institutes, and it is something that our VP (Education) Joe O’Neill and myself will continue to push on to ensure that every ‘Lancaster’ student gets the best academic experience possible,” Pullan told SCAN.

“That however should not stop the exchange programme from occurring, which is an entirely separate entity. To say that allowing the exchange programme to happen whilst teaching issues are being raised is combining two very different, separate things together.”

Depending on the country students choose to visit, students will depart for their chosen country in the last week of August or the first week of September. Students will then spend three weeks in the country, before returning to Lancaster. Those who would like to participate in the programme are advised to download an application form from the LUSU website.

For more information about how to get involved in the LUSU Overseas programme, students can visit the LUSU website.

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