Ronnie Rowlands – Interview

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Ronnie Rowlands has become the VP Campaigns & Communications by winning the election by a 215 vote margin in a close race with CCO LGBTQ*, Anna Lee.”

Speaking to SCAN, Rowlands believed that “the strongest part of my campaign was that it was very much a personal campaign. My campaign was actually about raising awareness of issues. It was less about me, and more about the issues I know about. So it was a very interesting campaign in that sense.“
Rowland went on to elaborate, “The issue that I want to breach is the cost of living. This University has a £16 million operating surplus. The University is also taking on more students and yet we are not seeing any increase in funding or opportunities for these students. Basically I want the University to start spending that money!”

Rowlands also felt that it was important to “remain on the ball and aware… of what is happening to students and the issues that they may be facing and ensuring that we will stay on top of them.”

When asked about the Media’s relationship with LUSU, Rowlands told SCAN,“I don’t believe in autonomy because that’s a mark of laziness and suggests I don’t care.” He went on to reassure SCAN, saying, “I will support the media in any way that I can and will not be didactic in any sense of the word.”

Rowlands finally thanked the voting electorate for putting “their faith” in him to “continue fighting their fights for another year.”

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