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If you believe the Daily Mail, Lancaster University students are the ‘vainest in the UK’, and apparently we have money to burn, since they claim “female students spend on average £1,109 on make-up, fragrances and skincare a year”. If, like me, you think this is absolute rubbish and you’re searching for a way to make your loan stretch a little further, here are some cheap beauty cheats and secrets that won’t bust the bank.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
This is by no means a beauty secret, but if no-one’s introduced you to the world of dry shampoo then I’m about to make your mornings a lot easier. When your hair could do with a wash, but you’re already running ten minutes late and a shower is out of the question, a spritz of dry shampoo will leave you with instant clean, shiny, fresh-smelling hair – and you’ll still make your lecture on time! Some people recommend splashing out on expensive ‘pro’ shampoos, but I’ve tried them and they’re really no better than student fave Batiste. Batiste comes in different scents and even colours that boost your natural tone, but my ultimate recommendation is XXL Volume: it gives you big, bouncy hair without spending twenty minutes backcombing.

Collection Concealer
I think we all know the stomach-sinking feeling of waking up to discover the world’s hugest spot on your nose – and somehow, it’s always on the day you have a big date or an interview! Likewise, as an expert in putting off essays until the very last minute, I’m used to having no sleep and massive bags under my eyes, and I always turn to Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer to cover up blemishes, spots and shadows. Beauty bloggers rave about this stuff, and for good reason. It gives incredible, light, easily-blended coverage in four skin tones (I use it under my foundation for a bright complexion) and the best part is it’s only £4.19!

Maybelline Baby Lips
If you’re feeling the bite of that bitter Lancaster weather, chances are your lips are pretty chapped. Now, a tin of Vaseline is probably your best friend to guard against the cold, but I always end up with greasy fingertips after applying it, and I miss having some colour on my lips. For that reason, I always have Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balm in my bag for a quick moisture boost. These balms come in super-cute bright packaging, provide 8 hours of rehydration, and last for a ridiculously long time – all for £2.99. There are six ‘flavours’, including Mint Fresh (which smells like After Eights!) and my personal favourite, Cherry Me, which is a gorgeous dark pink that smells of cherries and just a little like marzipan.

My personal favourite beauty ‘cheat’ is e.l.f, or ‘Eyes Lips Face’, a beauty company that sells online but at ridiculously low prices, and if you can time it right they always have great deals (right now there’s a 70% sale and free shipping when you spend £15!). If you combine orders with your friends you could really save yourself some money! Their foundation brushes are fantastic quality, and you can get fab nail polishes for just £2.50. One of the best beauty cheats I know is their All Over Colour, which is a pretty pigmented stick that you can use as eye shadow, lip colour or blush – super easy and super convenient.

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