SCAN Editorial Application: Production Assistant


In case of Production Assistant, rather than submitting two pieces of writing I would like to see what you consider to be your best piece of design work (for example posters, artwork or other design projects) and what you consider your worst, and provide a short paragraph about why you consider it to be your best/worst piece.
The role will require you to work alongside the Editor in the production of the print version SCAN. Alongside the SCAN Editor, you will be responsible for planning and producing the design and layout of each issue.
The role will also require you to:

  • Assist the SCAN Editor in laying up the paper.
  • Liaise with section editors to ensure content is ready for publication deadlines.
  • Provide InDesign training as necessary, either using pre-existing materials or your own.

Applicants should either have some experience with Adobe InDesign (or a similar package) or be willing to learn how to use it. They should also be confident in voicing their opinions to and working in co-operation with the SCAN Editor in order to produce a publication that pleases both parties.

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