Summer styling

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Lancaster might not be renowned for its scorching temperatures but we’ve had our fair share of sun this past month, enough to burn a few shoulders I’m sure. But after exams, when you’re lounging by your college bar, drinking cider and soaking up the rays, keep these tips in mind for a burn free break.

First and foremost, always protect your skin. Hopefully we’ve all reached an age where we understand the importance of sun cream, but it’s useful to know that some parts of our body need more than others. For example, the apples of your cheeks are particularly sensitive because of the suns reflection from sunglasses lenses. As the highest points of our face, our cheekbones and nose are also susceptible to sunburn, but it’s easy to avoid, simply use SPF 30 and reapply frequently throughout the day to these specific spots to avoid that scarlet glow.

Despite this though, each year we all suffer from sunburn, because lets’ be honest, we all get a little cocky when the sun comes out, me included! The sun comes out and I dash to the garden, eagerly soaking up the rays, certain an hour outside won’t harm me. Until later, when my skin begins to prickle and I realise I couldn’t have been more wrong. If that sounds familiar, let me introduce you to Aloe Vera gel, your new best friend. Ditch the moisturiser and opt for this cooling gel which lowers your skin temperature in seconds allowing you to feel almost human again.I can honestly say it has been a lifesaver in the past.

Regardless of what you choose to soothe your skin throughout summer, keep it chilled in the fridge! A cool moisturiser feels incredible and helps reduce redness instantly. After sun lotions are also a quick relief so keep these in the fridge too for a treat after a day on the beach. Not only do skin products benefit from the cooling effects of the fridge but nail varnish too, as the cold temperatures makes the paint thinner, so that they’re easier to paint evenly and dry much faster.

Summer also plays havoc with hair though, as the heat and humidity cause both frizz and greasy roots. My advice, invest in both a decent dry shampoo and a headscarf for when products just don’t cut it!

An avid lover of the colour black it pains me to say this, but stay clear of dark clothing in the heat too. Not only is black a wintry colour, but it absorbs more heat than light colours making you hot and sweaty. To avoid this choose loose, floaty shapes made with natural, breathable fabrics such as maxi skirts and dress that increase air circulation. Whatever you do this summer though, keep smart and keep cool.

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