Review: Jeramiah Ferrari


Manchester based punk-infused reggae band Jeramiah Ferrari come have released their self-titled debut album, which from the offset is bouncy, up-lifting, and just generally well made.

Marked by strong instrumentals, well-written songs and lively yet peaceful vocals, Jeramiah Ferrari can make anyone feel Caribbean. The 12-track project features a range of reggae based songs, from up-beat to very chilled.

Writing all but one song, Jeramiah Ferrari’s lyrics focus on loving yourself and enjoying life as it comes. Stand-out tracks include ‘Burning Inferno’, the album’s next single that has an ‘always survive’ message. The track will have you definitely have you singing ‘A-scobba-deng-scobba-deng-deng’ for sure, trust me on this.

Other tracks of note are ‘Parliament’, a song about staying true to yourself and not letting circumstances put you down, and ‘Bakin sun’ which is a feel-good song about enjoying the sun, relaxing and being free.

One criticism is that a few of the tracks have been reused from their previous 2 EPs. It would have been nice to have had a completely new set of songs, but I can see why they were reused as they are amazing.

This album definitely solidifies Jeramiah Ferrari’s position in the reggae genre. It is consistent and the band do an excellent job of projecting the songs’ meanings both lyrically and through the performance. Jeramiah Ferrari is a great debut that will not disappoint.

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