Event: Careers Fair 2014


This term, Lancaster University once again held its annual Careers Opportunities Fair in the Great Hall. 88 employers from many different career sectors travelled to the University and over 1800 students came to meet them. Like every previous Careers Fair it was crowded, hot and even had a little bit of drama, but overall it was a great success. As well as leaving with bags full of freebies (the Mondelez International Cadbury’s freebie stand was particularly impressive) hopefully many students, like me, left with a better idea of what may be in store for the future.

Before now I hadn’t given much thought into what I want to do after I graduate. It’s a frightening prospect and something I had dropped to the bottom of my to-do list. Therefore I went to the Careers Fair with a completely open mind and my options open. I found all of the employers very friendly, and they were all really keen to answer my questions. After an hour of speaking to employers I discovered that the skills gained from my History degree can be applied to a large number of different roles, and I was encouraged to apply to many of the organisations I spoke to.

All of the employers who attended the fair offered appealing opportunities for graduates. For me, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, L’Oreal and United Utilities stood out in particular. My friends who I attended the fair with (a Maths, Finance and Accounting major and an English and Religious Studies major) were also spoilt for choice of graduate opportunities relating to their skills and interests. Some of my friends who are medical students were particularly interested in a career in medicine with the army.

Although the Fair was very well organised, not everything ran smoothly. Not long after the Fair began a group of protesters targeted the BAE Systems stand. The protesters lay down in front of the stand for a short time, and then continued to do a funeral march around the hall. The protest lasted altogether around two and a half hours, but remained peaceful and considerate to other students, allowing them to access the stand for career information.

For me the fair was a great success. I left with a bag full of chocolate and sweets, a packet of biscuits, a handful of mini torches, a thermal flask and some magnets. More importantly, I left with a better idea of what I want to do after I graduate and with a number of organisations in mind which I plan to apply to.

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