Lancaster Bombers continue hot streak after epic double OT win


The Lancaster Bombers continue their unbeaten start to the 2014-15 season with a thrilling win over the Manchester Tyrants.

The Bombers showed great spirit in coming back from behind and managing to squeeze the win out after two overtime sessions, the first time many players had experienced a situation like that.

The first half was a scrappy affair, with the Bombers’ offence putting in a lethargic performance until the last five minutes. Mistakes were rife for both teams, with the Bombers notably fumbling a punt and gifting the Tyrants with excellent field position, which they turned into a touchdown and 2-pt conversion, going up 8-0.

The Tyrants then added another score, but despite being 16-0 down, the Bombers did not let their heads drop. As half time was approaching they drove the length of the field, aided by a big pass and catch from Americans Gibson Schnurr and Joe Schwabe. A touchdown was added by Schnurr on a QB run, and converted by fellow American Travis McCarthy. This lead to the Bombers going into half time down only 16-8, despite a poor start.

Receiving the ball to start the second half, the Bombers were forced to start the drive deep in their own territory. This was no problem for RB Dimeji Ademiju who, aided by excellent blocking from the offensive line and wide recievers, broke off into a huge run of 90 yards all the way for a touchdown. The conversion was no good and the Bombers were still down 16-14.

With the defence staying strong against a tiring Manchester offence, they were able to force multiple punts and the Bombers’ offence was given many opportunities to put the game out of reach. These were not taken, however, and only one more touchdown was added – a pass from Schnurr to McCarthy, who broke multiple tackles and made his way into the endzone. This was converted and the Bombers had a single possession lead at 22-16.

Time was winding down and the Tyrants scored a touchdown but failed with the conversion. With the scores tied at 22-22, the game headed for sudden death overtime.

The Tyrants received the ball, yet failed to score on their first possession, so it was turned over to the Bombers who attempted to get the ball into the endzone. This was unsuccessful, and the game headed to a second overtime period.

Aided by penalties on the defence, the Tyrants drove the short field and scored a touchdown, which was not converted. The Bombers would have to score to remain in the game, and convert a touchdown to win. Luckily the American connection came to fruition once again, with Schnurr throwing a deep 25-yard touchdown to Schwabe in the back corner of the endzone. Schnurr then converted this with a QB sneak up the middle, ending the game at 30-28.

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