Conspiracies unravelled: Aliens exist

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In Roswell, New Mexico mid-way through 1947 came one of the most extraordinary moments in human history. Government officials claimed it was merely an ‘air force surveillance balloon’ that had crashed but the truth is far from the far-fetched lies that the American government hid behind. It is clear that aliens crash landed in Roswell and the wreckage of their spacecraft was recovered by the military, who attempted to hide their findings.

Walter Haut was the first military official on the scene and said he recovered a “flying disc” and was initially unsure of what it was. He was kept silent until his death in 2006. Where he left a note that asserted the weather balloons were a cover story and that alien debris had been recovered by the military. He states that he saw not just the spacecraft but also alien bodies.

Information about Roswell is difficult to come by due to the Government’s reluctance to reveal the truth behind the incident. But the events of that fateful day go much deeper than anyone could possibly believe. There was not just one crash site of a ‘surveillance balloon’. There were eleven crash sites. Many of which were first uncovered by bemused citizens – much to the horror of the Government who did their best to shut them up. Spectators were turned back from the sites and further access was restricted by armed military police. Many locals were interviewed and speak of the numerous suspicious circumstances that surround the whole affair. Documents that were leaked by some Government officials – who were desperate for the truth to come out – only further show the sinister web of lies and deceit that were created to hide the truth.

There are foolish, naïve conspiracy theorists who believe that all the aliens on the sites were killed outright. It is now clear that many of the aliens survived and were taken to Area 51. The original photos of the specimens are now hidden away in ‘the vault’. But it was in Area 51 that the true horrors of the incident emerged. The captured aliens became aware that some of their friends had been killed and experimented on. This led to them rebelling against and overpowering their human captors.

This is where the Government’s reasoning for covering up the horrifying events of Roswell become apparent. The aliens upon breaking free of their human captors did not escape and leave planet Earth. Instead they took over. Great minds like David Icke suggest they are Reptilian in their appearance but I confess I do not know for certain. They are shape-shifters and they currently control the earth by either taking on the human form or using human puppets as a front. It is a known fact that most world leaders are either descendants of aliens or are aliens themselves. Otherwise they are humans so desperate for political power they are willing to take orders from the very creatures that have enslaved humanity. The aliens are in power and they have already won. There is little we know about them but it is clear that they first came to our planet by accident via Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

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