Lancaster Roses score two points in women’s football


Despite a relatively even first half, York’s control of the second half of the game resulted in an unfortunate draw for the Lancaster side, seeing them only win 2 of the 4 available points. However, they are the first LUWFC team since 2009 to come away from York with at least a draw in the 11-a-side Roses match. York also lost all three 11-a-side games at Lancaster during this period, making this year’s squad the first from either side not to get beaten away in the 11-a-side Roses game since 2009.

LUWFC President Samantha Seddon told SCAN: “Our team spirit has been absolutely fantastic coming into Roses and obviously playing at their York ground is going to be daunting and the whole away thing, I just don’t think it fazed us really. We played until the very end, we gave it our all and there’s nothing more we could have asked of our team than that.”

The home side started the match much more confidently than Lancaster, who took a while to get into the highly anticipated away game. York had possession for the majority of the first third of the game, dominating Lancaster’s half of the pitch. After a free kick just outside the Lancaster box, York captain Anty Cole scored a strong first goal around fifteen minutes in.

Despite the quick first goal, Lancaster’s team came fighting back and after a corner from Lancaster’s Monica Crewe, centre-back Nat Dunn scored an excellent goal only three minutes later, bringing the score to 1-1. However, this didn’t faze the York side who continued to play very well, with their captain narrowly missing a free kick shortly after.

Almost midway through the first half, it was looking like a very even match with both sides fighting for possession. In spite of the strong attack from York, Lancaster managed to score their second goal 30 minutes in. It came after another corner from Crewe, this time from striker Carmel Daniels who scored a fantastic header, making the score 2-1 to Lancaster.

A York corner shortly after Lancaster’s goal was headed away brilliantly by Nat Dunn, and Lancaster’s defence strengthened, blocking the corners and free kicks from York that followed. Lancaster narrowly missed two opportunities to score again after this, though it was close. However, the last ten minutes of the first half was predominantly played in Lancaster’s half, but their defence was strong and the score remained at 2-1.

In the second half York immediately took possession, taking two shots at the goal in the first two minutes of play. York’s captain then scored their second goal in the fifth minute from an impressive distance, evening the score to 2-2. Although the York side were mainly in possession, there was some action from Lancaster in York’s half.

Overall, Lancaster played well and while York’s fierce attack and control of the ball made them the stronger side in the second half, Lancaster’s defence was solid and we saw some good saves from the goal keeper Demi Rabbette.

Speaking to SCAN immediately after the match, captain Jordan Williamson said: “We put 110% into the whole thing, I’m gutted with a draw obviously because we’re all about winning but we’ll absolutely take it, a draw away is a very hard thing to do.” She also said: “We couldn’t ask for anything more from our players, they gave us everything they had and we’re really proud to be LUWFC.”

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