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With the end of the year approaching, there’s one very important date on everyone’s calendar; the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show of course! Notorious for its intrepid explosion of a runway, the show has once again been claiming the attention of social media and the fashion world, brandishing the musical names of Selena Gomez, The Weekend and Ellie Goulding (replacing Rihanna who apparently cancelled to work on her upcoming album Anti) alongside the striking beauty that is first time angel Kendall Jenner and, my personal favourite, queen angel; Alessandra Ambrosio.

The fact of the matter is there’s something faith restoring about the VS show. Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen parties on the big runway since Jeremy Scott took over for Moschino back in 2013, but the people over at VS can’t half bring a runway to life. Speaking of the standard previously set, this year is looking to go down with a bang. If you’ve never heard of the fantasy bra then prepare yourself! This year the show will feature Lily Aldridge adorned in a ‘firework inspired’ bra worth $2 million embellished with 6500 gems ranging from diamonds to pink quartz set in 18-karat gold. A hard price to swallow for any reader, but arguably integral to the extravaganza that the show embodies.

Unfortunately, it can’t all be smiles and diamonds at Victoria’s Secret as the firm recently hit a sour note when ex-angel Jourdan Dunn tweeted in October she was ‘feeling soo much better’ about not returning to the runway. This isn’t the first time the brand has been slammed. The ‘perfect body’ campaign Victoria’s Secret ran was renamed to ‘a body for every body campaign’ subsequent to online backlash and a petition reaching 30,000+ signatures. Brand loyalty remained consistent however, with Hollywood Reporter listing that last year’s show turned $12 million into $5 billion in just one hour.

The star studded shows are still arguably the most spectacular, and quite frankly it’s so fulfilling to see models with wings singing and dancing on a glitter covered runway (shoutout to a personal favourite: the ‘Pink Network’ collection of 2013). Expect feathers, lace, and of course those majestic human sized wings accompanying the collections this year.

While not really a price range agreeable with student budgeting, everyone deserves to indulge in luxury once in a while and it’s worthwhile to know VS almost always have an on going sale. Might be worth covering up the $12 UK shipping fee though, or taking a trip to the PINK store in the Trafford Centre. Don’t forget to tweet us @scanfashion with your opinion; we want your thoughts on the collections, the scandals and of course those to die for garments.

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