BDS referendum fails to pass

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Following weeks of campaigning, the result of the BDS referendum was announced this morning. With the quota for a binding decision set at 800 votes, neither side managed to achieve that number.

The ‘Yes’ campaign secured 752 votes, the ‘No’ campaign got 545 and the option to abstain obtained the most with 787 votes.

This result marks the end of a difficult period for LUSU, who have been forced to deal with a number of issues since the referendum was announced.

In a blog post this morning, LUSU President Will Hedley stated that “the high number of abstentions is a clear indication that a significant section of our membership felt unable to make a judgement on this issue. That’s something that we’ll take on board and consider as we seek to develop future policy”.

Ollie Orton

SCAN Editor 2015-2016

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