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Tuesday nights are notoriously boring. There is nothing on TV and the weekend is merely a faint glow in the distance. But fear not, as Daryl Griffin brings us an hour long comedy fiesta bursting with outlandish originality, unending innuendos and lashings of laughter. Aptly named ‘That Show’, because you can’t really pinpoint what on earth is going on at times, it is the perfect medicine for those cold, gloomy Tuesday nights that we have become all to accustom to here in Lancaster. And this week’s show was one of the funniest.

I have listened to the show a number of times and although it lacked the ‘blatant racism’ and ‘misogynistic stuff’ that they jokingly suggested was common on their show, it was still good to hear that, for the most part, they didn’t hold back on their boundary pushing gags. It could be said that they had washed their mouths out with a bar of soap, not too dissimilar from the Kendal Mint Cake that Dave had to eat on the show. As a northerner myself, I encourage southerners to try some of our delicacies, even more so when it is broadcast live on radio, and so I applaud Daryl for this entertaining segment of the show. Just as we got to the end of the ‘Dave Eats’ section, the show took a rather dark turn featuring Daryl’s ‘Victorian chimney-like throat’ and a small street boy and although on the riskier side of comedy, this hilarious image was quickly banished from our minds with James Brown and Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.

And from then, the show continued as we met the Old Creole Chef with his interesting methods of cooking, we heard a “heart warming, family version” of Auld Lang Syne, that would leave you detesting New Year for ever more, and then we had the pleasure of meeting the 100 year old Broadway director, Casey Pendleton. He has a rather unique personality, to say the least, and although loveable, there is one part of the human body that he is fetishly obsessed with. The ass! He discussed turning Christingles into ‘Dingle Dingles’ and the launch of his now play, ‘Ass 3: The Third Ass’. But then, the highlight of the show came in the form of a musical interpretation of a song from the much loved Disney classic, Aladdin. May I present, ‘A Whole New Ass’. For me, this full length rendition highlighted two things. Firstly, whoever wrote the new and improved lyrics to this song is a lyrical genius. And secondly, the creative ability of everyone on the show, and their philosophy of bringing new and fresh ideas to radio and comedy, proclaims the overall success of the show and the incredible talents that each one of them has.

To the end the show we took a visit to ‘Grandad’s Corner’ and this is where “granddads” voice their opinions about things going on in the world. Now, I don’t want to sound too harsh, and I am aware of the Ofcom regulations that the lads have to ‘try’ and obey, but for me, it lacked the effin’ and jeffin’, ‘back in my day’, view of the world that so many of us associate with our grandparents. In a previous show, I think they went to ‘Grandma’s Corner’ and she was much better as she really didn’t hold back. But I think that, in this particular part, although the jokes were funny, it could’ve have been a lot funnier with the inclusion of a few riskier jokes that they all do so well.

Everyone has the ability to tell a joke. But not everyone, by telling the joke, can make others laugh. But if Daryl and the rest of the lads are good at one thing, it is the ability to make you laugh really, really hard. Their ability to bring joy is effortless and their understanding of comedy is unquestionable. If you only listen to one Bailrigg FM show this week, make sure it is ‘That Show’. The jokes are top class and although it is cliche to use the phrase ‘side splitting comedy’, at times, the show really is just that.

You can catch Daryl Griffin: That Show on Tuesday’s night at 10pm every Tuesday

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