Style Trials – Layering


THE STYLE: Layering

With the icy Lancaster weather showing no signs of easing off, I wanted to explore a trend that would allow me to be more creative with my fashion choices whilst still being practical, comfortable and keeping my own personal stamp on my outfits. So, my latest style on trial is layering; an essential winter trend that also has the potential to be experimental and fun.

One thing I immediately found when putting the ‘layering’ style on trial is that the layered look can be achieved easily by teaming together items that are an existing part of anyone’s wardrobe. This creates more outfit options without having to go shopping; an extremely positive factor when styling on a student budget.

Taking a plain jumper as the staple piece, it is quick and simple to create the classic layered look. For a studious chic impact, wear a shirt that is slightly longer than your chosen jumper, which will be visible by at least 2 or 3 inches at the bottom when worn underneath. Alternatively, make this look more casual by folding the shirt’s collar under the jumper, so that only the bottom of the shirt is visible; or switch the shirt for a patterned top that will add a more individual vibe to your layered outfit. The minimal effort required to make a maximum impact by layering means this trend is ideal for those times where you are in a rush.

To simplify this trend further, you could purchase a jumper that has a collar, cuffs and/or the bottom part of a shirt pre-attached. This way, you can pull off the layered look wearing just one item, which will also help to avoid looking or feeling bulky – a potential limitation of this look. Other tricks to avoid any faux pas when layering include using thinner materials and sticking to colours and patterns that do not clash.

Whilst layering might initially seem like a trend that is limited to daywear, it can also be ideal for nights out. Though I’m not suggesting anyone wears a jumper to Sugar! Instead, here is an idea of how the layered look can be transformed from day to night. Try layering a floral or patterned colourful bodice under a translucent chiffon blouse. This style is unique and interesting, and can then be teamed with jeans, shorts or a skirt, depending on personal preference.

My absolute favourite way to wear a layered outfit is the shirt-jumper combo, on top of an A line skirt, tights and boots. There are still many more ways to rock layering: you could wear a jumper over a casual day dress, or a leather biker jacket over your jumper. Alternatively, carefully mix and match patterns, fabrics and textures for a playful look.

Dressing for winter (and facing a constant battle against the ever-changing Lancaster weather) can often be challenging, and it can be easy to lose variety between outfits during this time. I have found that layering is a perfect way to boost any outfit and combat the issue of losing individuality in the face of the dropping temperatures.
THE VERDICT: Layering is perfect for creating a look that is unique, original and individual.


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