Preview: Battle of the Bands Final


Saturday Week 9 this year’s Battle of the Band’s final takes place in Sugarhouse. Following two heats, 8 bands have become 4 – who will be performing live from 11pm. Below we run through the 4 bands battling to win this year’s competition.

Photo Credit: Shad Paterson
Photo Credit: Shad Paterson

Fighting Bears

Who Are They Post Hardcore 4-piece based in Lancaster

For Fans Of Alexisonfire, A Day To Remember, Fugazi

How They Qualified: Winner of Heat 1

What They Had To Say “As a band trying to go places you tend to play a lot of dives, so we’re really looking forward to playing in such an established venue to lots of people. We’re all about attack and passion so we’ll do what we do every show, which is plug in, turn up loud and rock out.” – Rick Sweetman, Guitar/Vocals

“Half the band are alcoholics so it’ll be a miracle if we even make it on stage at that time” – Craig Hodgson, Bass

Photo Courtesy of The Calls
Photo Courtesy of The Calls

The Calls

Who Are They Indie Rock ‘n Roll band from Leeds

How They Qualified: Judge’s Wildcard

For Fans Of The Clash, The Jam, The Kinks

Line-Up Tom Fuller (Guitar/Vocals), Will Johnson (Guitar/Vocals), Marcell Haslewood (Bass/Vocals), Jonathan ‘JD’ Doyle (Drums)

What They Had To Say “I think it’s gonna be great. We took the scenic route! We’ve got what we always have lined up – great original music delivered with passion and intensity. That’s what’s got us to the final and that’s what the audience can expect.” – Tom Fuller, Guitar/Vocals

Photo Courtesy of Atomic Brass
Photo Courtesy of Atomic Brass

Atomic Brass

Who Are They Brass Band based in Lancaster

How They Qualified Winner of Heat 2

For Fans Of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Pentatonix

Line-Up Jamie Shorrock (Tenor Sax), Sophie Flint (Alto Sax), Matthew Peter Clare (Trumpet), Anthony Cockbain (Tuba), Elie Brunschwig (Drums)

What They Had To Say We are really excited to be playing in the final because we weren’t sure how well a non vocal instrumental band would be received as well as us not being a normal rock band you expect at stereotypical Battle of the Bands. We are excited about our set list for tomorrow! We have a new piece that was written out for us just this weekend gone as well as our pop covers which went down a treat at Pendle Bar last week. It’s got some very famous fighting music mixed in there that’s all I can say at the moment.” – Anthony Cockbain, Tuba

Photo Courtesy of Girls, Girls, Girls
Photo Courtesy of Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls

Who Are They Melodic pop/rock 3-piece from Manchester

How They Qualified Public Vote

For Fans Of The Cribs, Arctic Monkeys, Maroon 5

Line-Up Sam Steele (Vocals & Guitar), Danny Morgan (Bass), Will Wolstenholme (Drums)

What They Had To Say “Super excited to be playing battle of the bands at Sugar tomorrow – somehow, we managed to win the audience vote and grab the wildcard spot; it was a massive surprise, as we were sure that one of the other bands would get it. Prepare for pop/rock mayhem – some punchy, catchy originals and of course, plenty of singalongable covers. See you tomorrow, Lancaster!” – Sam Steele, Vocals/Guitar

Title image credit: Photo by Richard Clyborne of Music Strive

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