LUSU AGM fails to reach quorum


At just after 6:30PM today, the LUSU Annual General Meeting was declared to have not reached quorum. From a rough straw poll conducted by SCAN writers in the meeting room, it is estimated that LUSU were around 30 people short from reaching the 200 people required. LUSU currently has a membership of at least 10,000 students.

Whilst the meeting itself could proceed with discussion alone, voting was not allowed on any matters and policy could not be passed. In particular, the flagship constitutional reforms (“The Big Vote”) were not allowed to be voted on.

The result will be extremely disappointing to LUSU, especially after the push from LUSU FTOs to get people to vote via proxy. Indeed, LUSU President Will Hedley was overheard saying that “over 400 people had signed up to vote via proxy”. However, because of the failure to be quorate, these votes will now mean nothing.

Ollie Orton

SCAN Editor 2015-2016

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