Lancaster’s men cruelly lose volleyball thriller


This match certainly had the crowd on the edge of their seats in the first two sets. In the first set, there were neck and neck rallies throughout. Each time Lancaster scored, York were not far behind and soon York just managed to clinch the set 25-20. The second set started with York taking the upper hand and they soon took the lead, but Lancaster were determined and bounced back bringing the score to 23-20 to York.

Soon it looked like York were going to take the second set again with the score at 24-22, but Lancaster made some last minute saves and took the next few points, preventing York a quick win. Lancaster then took the lead at 25-24, but York then scored again bringing it back to 25 all. However, Lancaster weren’t deterred and slammed it over the net for 26-25.  Unfortunately, Lancaster made an error, bringing it back to 26 all again. This saw the start of York taking the lead once more, ending in a disappointing loss in the second set for Lancaster, especially after they had been so close to drawing level. The second set ended at 28-26 to York.

The third set was in York’s favour throughout reaching 19-7, the furthest York had been ahead yet. Lancaster still managed to score a few points, but York ploughed ahead and the set was lost at 25-13. After a tight match where Lancaster narrowly missed out with coming close in the first two sets, the third set was the decider with York taking the match, ending on a score of 3 sets to 0.

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