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Freshers Fair can at first be somewhat overwhelming. With leaflets, posters, free pizza and advertisements all flying asunder, one can be somewhat terrified into submission, especially from all the great arts societies that the University has to offer. As such, here are a few choice picks from the eclectic and occasionally bizarre range of student societies, so as to get you prepared for the onslaught of sign ups that you might face later this week. Let’s hear from the societies themselves on why you should join!

Name: Lancaster University Comedy Institute
Acronym: LUCI
When and where: General meeting Friday 6pm, Room TBC; comedy showcase Joke at the Oak (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10), 7:30pm, County Bar. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!
Why you should join: The society for anybody who is interested in performing/writing/enjoying comedy. Join a group of likeminded individuals who strive towards the goal of helping other comedians find an outlet for creativity. Whether it be through writing sketches, films, stand-up routines or performing improv, we’ll help you make others laugh!

Name: Lancaster University Belly Dance Society
Acronym: LUBells
When and where: Weekly meetings starting from Monday, Week 1:
8-10pm on Monday at A35 Great Hall: Beginner belly dance class – suitable for anyone, no previous dance experience required; first session is a free taster open to anyone!
6-8 pm on Wednesday at Playroom: Improver belly dance class – for those who did some belly dancing before and familiar with the basic moves.
Why you should join: LUBells is without a doubt one of the most unique and exciting community in Lancaster! Join a friendly and outgoing society, and discover the elegant, fun and exotic art of belly dancing!

Name: Bailrigg FM
Acronym: N/A
When and where: Broadcasting 24/7 in and around Lancaster on 87.7 FM and online! Located behind Pizzetta in Furness.
Why you should join: Lancaster University’s award-winning student radio station offers a wide variety of content 24/7. We provide training to all members and a slot on our schedule for your own show! Whether you’re a marketer, writer, comedian or a simple vinyl enthusiast, there’s a place for you at Bailrigg FM!

Name: Lancaster University Theatre Group
Acronym: LUTG
When and where: Auditions Saturday & Sunday, Welcome Week; backstage meeting Thursday, Week 1.
Why you should join: LUTG is dedicated to staging at least three shows every term – all directed, produced, managed and performed by students. We endeavor to create a fun environment for those who enjoy theatre making in all aspects so no matter if you’re a performer or prefer behind the scenes, we have something for you!

Name: Lancaster University Film Society
Acronym: LUFS
When and where: LUFS meets every Tuesday at 7pm for a film screening followed by a social in one of the campus bars. The venue of the screening varies but is usually Take 2 Cinema (Bowland Main LT). Our first screening of the year will take place on Tuesday, Week 1.
Why you should join: On top of our weekly screenings, we will also be offering a variety of other events, including quizzes, film marathons, cinema trips and themed nights out. If you like to critique, discuss or even just casually watch films, then Lancaster University Film Society is the society for you!

Name: Lancaster University Folk Society
Acronym: Folk Soc
When and where: Weekly Meetings are:
Dance, Tuesdays 8-10pm Brandrigg Room;
Music, Wednesdays 7-9pm meeting in the Great Hall Foyer;
Rapper Sword, Fridays 6-8pm Brandrigg Room.
Our big events are the Freshers Ceilidh on Saturday, Welcome Week, 8pm, Chaplaincy Centre, FREE; and the Halloween Ceilidh on Saturday, Week 3, venue TBC.
Why you should join: Do you enjoy dancing or playing music? Join the Lancaster Uni Folk Soc! We meet weekly, organise ceilidhs and have lots of fun. Folk music and dance is very diverse so whatever style you enjoy or just if you want to try many different styles, we have something for you!


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