Sports funding gets green light

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LUSU have announced that they have once again been successful in securing funding from the University in order to continue Sports Development. SCAN have contacted Jack Walker, VP (Activities), for information regarding the plans LUSU have for sports in the upcoming 2016 academic year, and which areas this money will be spent on.

It has never been easier to take part in Sport at Lancaster. As well as the health benefits that sport creates, it is also socially great. LUSU will use this finding to make it even easier to play sport this year, by focussing on developing its successful Just Play scheme. As well as continuing with the existing sports on offer, Walker has announced the introduction of a mixed Badminton and Basketball league, as well as introducing recreational Hockey and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. HIIT is a form of cardio workout sessions, designed to be 50% more effective in calorie burning than low-intensity exercise. Just Play sessions are held regularly throughout the academic year, and are a great, informal way of getting involved in sport during your time here at Lancaster University. The dates and times of all Just Play sessions will be available on the brand new calendar section on the LUSU website:

Should you be involved in a sports team at Lancaster, the administration side of how these sports teams are ran is improving. This is because of the new LUSU website. For the first time ever, all memberships can be taken online. The new online function also allows the clubs to sell tickets to socials, events and more all in one place, and without any additional charge to the members. This makes it the easiest it has ever been to keep in touch and up to date with sports membership.

Aside from the new sports on offer and the membership changes, the uniformity of all sports teams existing on campus will be established. This is due to the development of the Sport Lancaster brand. Lancaster is extremely proud of its sporting brand and has successfully negotiated the transition of Canterbury, the sportswear brand, to supply all teams on campus with leisurewear. This will mean that all Lancaster University sports teams will have a unified and distinguishable look, further increasing the status of sports at Lancaster University.

Finally, changes have been made to the organisational structure within LUSU Sports and Activities. Following the passing of a new democratic system last year, the position of Activities Executive has been split into two committees: a societies committee and a sports committee. The design of this structure is created so that these committees will be more specific and knowledgeable in these areas, further increasing the efficiency and quality of Sports on offer at Lancaster University. Of course, these new structures have made it easier for students to create change within the union. In order to express a voice on how Activities and Sport is ran, either contact Jack Walker direct via or submit an idea at

These changes in organisational structure are designed to make sport at Lancaster function as smoothly as possible, allowing the service provided to be the best it can possibly be.

It’s more good news for the sports that compete in the BUCS (British University and College Sport) leagues, as these clubs will be eligible to apply for more money to be spent on increasing the coaching quality. Similarly, the five ‘focus sports’, which are badminton, fencing, hockey, netball and rugby union will also be able to apply for further coaching, strength training and physiotherapy sessions. These sports were awarded extra funding last year, and the men’s badminton team reaped the benefits by achieving a cup and promotion double.

Lancaster are keen to emulate this success in the forthcoming year, and this funding will allow for success to be achieved across all sports.

Lancaster continues to be proud of its sporting heritage, and this funding will allow Lancaster to continue to be as competitive as it can be on a national level. The funding will also be used to allow us to take the fight to York, hoping to retain the Roses crown and win away for the first time in 30 years.

It promises to be an exciting year ahead for Sport at Lancaster and I thoroughly encourage students to get involved at some level, whether it be watching your peers compete in one or more of the excellent teams, or playing a sport itself.

Watch this space!

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