Week 3 News Rundown

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This week at PMQs

By: Michael Mander

Corbyn used a question at this week’s PMQs to suggest May had no plan for Brexit. Corbyn compared May to Baldrick from Blackadder, saying her “cunning plan is to have no plan” regarding Brexit. Corbyn even made a joke that achieved laughter from both sides of the house: “I thought for a moment the Prime Minister was going to say ‘Brexit means Brexit’ again. I’m sure she’ll tell us one day what it actually means.”

May retorted that she had been “very clear” about her aims for Brexit: “we’re going to deliver the best possible deal for trade in goods and services with, and operation within, the European Union, and we’re going to deliver an end to free movement.”

Zac Goldsmith to fight Heathrow expansion with by-election

By: James Gilmour

Following the government’s decision to expand Heathrow Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP for Richmond Park (London), has resigned his seat with the intention of fighting a by-election on an anti-Heathrow expansion platform as an independent. A committed environmentalist, Goldsmith fought a controversial campaign for the London mayoral election against Sadiq Khan, which has been described by figures on the winning Labour side as ‘racist’ and ‘desperate politics’.

Although the Conservatives refuse to field a candidate against him and his sizeable majority should make the seat an easy hold, the second-placed Liberal Democrats believe they stand a strong chance – if they can succeed in turning the election into a referendum on a so called ‘hard Brexit’. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said that the election ‘was a chance to send a message to Theresa May’ by voting for his pro-EU party. Meanwhile UKIP announced they were going to stand down and urged Richmond voters to back Zac, saying ‘the Lib Dems want to overturn the referendum result and deny the will of the British people’.

The election is on the first of December, and with the government’s slim majority it could prove crucial in the many battles to come over immigration, grammar schools and the EU.

Friday Headlines

By: Michael Mander

Most newspapers today are leading with the story that Nissan has pledged to build two new models in Sunderland – thanks to a “last-ditch No 10 pledge”, says The Times.

The Express calls it “Proof Britain’s Booming After EU Vote”.

Other newspapers lead with the story that the “NHS loses millions to foreigners” (Daily Telegraph). The Daily Mail calls it “a sick joke”, with both newspapers stating that hundreds of millions are being lost to “health tourists”.

The Metro, The Mirror, The Express and The Sun covers all feature photos of Bake Off Winner (so stay away if you’re avoiding spoilers!).

The Metro takes a different lead story: and focuses on a man who murdered both his daughter and wife, before killing himself.

The Daily Mirror leads with a story about former government minister Edwina Currie, who sent a letter asking a judge to “go easy” on a Conservative Association chairman who is accused of stealing money from a Poppy collection.

Finally, The Sun headlines “you took Sun hellava beating” – as Sun journalist, Anthony France, is cleared of having a “corrupt relationship” with a police officer.

France dismantles ‘The Jungle’ in Calais

By: Alex Brock

French officials launched the official ‘closing’ of the refugee camp in Calais, known as the Jungle, on Monday the 24th. About 2,000 people were bussed out of Calais on Monday, with the relocation process continuing throughout the week.

After February’s failings, this demolition has placed special focus on protecting vulnerable children. However,  many reports show they are failing, with children left behind and sleeping outdoors. Protests in the UK about taking in migrant children, both for and against, have ramped up in the past week.

Reactions from those leaving the Jungle have been varied, some celebrating leaving the overcrowded and dangerous place, others fighting back, as Calais is the closest they have been able to get to the UK, and for many, family members already settled in the UK. Though the current demolition has been fairly peaceful, few believe this is the end of migrant settlement in the area.

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