APPLICATION: Head of Photography Position

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The Head of Photography position is a vital role in the Editorial Committee and is one that requires dedication and commitment. If you have a passion for photography and production then this is the role for you!

Please submit two photographs: one which you believe is of good quality and one which you would improve. Please also provide a short paragraph (no more than a page) explaining why you feel that you would be good for this role and why you have chosen these two photographs.

The role will require you to head a team of photographers, who will respond to assignments requested by the section editors. Although we aim to use as many personally taken photographs as we can this is not always possible and so the Head of Photography would be required to search for alternative images online.

The role will also require you to:

  • Work closely with the SCAN Editor, Assistant Editor and Online Editor and keep them informed on the progress of your photographers.
  • Liaise with section editors to ensure images they have requested are available and relevant.
  • Provide section editors with a detailed list of photographers, highlighting specialists relevant to their sections.
  • Search relevant sources on the internet, mostly Flickr, for any additional photographs or images – strong knowledge of Flickr and copywriting would be desirable although this can be taught.

Applicants should be creative, enthusiastic and have excellent administrative skills. They should be able organise a team and ensure that team sticks to strict deadlines. An understanding of photojournalism is preferable. Photography experience is highly desirable.

Experience in SCAN is desirable but applications will be considered from applicants with other relevant experience. Candidates with no previous experience in SCAN should not be dissuaded from applying – I welcome applications from anyone with a desire to learn and contribute to the paper.

Deadline for applications is Friday 11th November at 5pm. Please send applications to

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