Our Reliance on Technology; a student’s guide


As students, we are very happy to have a good Christmas vacation. I am hopeful that you all made Santa’s graceful list this season. For those of us who could not make it, there are some January sales. For a good number of our tech gadgets, there are some offers that included half the original prices. We all rely on technology directly or indirectly. In the Gyms, we use technology gadgets. In Lecture Theatres, we use smart screens, and apps. In our houses, we also use smart TVs and control them with apps on our smart phones.

The last Boxing Day had great sales that showed more reliance on technology. There were various sales offers for students, the working classes and the retired class. Students can purchase stuffs online and in shops. The use of student cards like NUS cards and Purple Cards do offer some sales discounts. In some other shops, they give some vouchers like Argos and Currys. January has always been a good time for sales, and student offers. We have the need to carry out various upgrades. These include the contracts on our phones, the phones, the laptops, electronic wristwatches, exercise wrist gears Fitbit, gym portable facilities, wireless headphones like Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, etc.

However, whatever the device we choose of the gadget we need, there are some steps to carry out. The best advice is to plan, with a good purchasing strategy. This will enable you purchase the right gadgets and not spend your money on unwanted things. The following are some of the gadgets looked at briefly to show our reliance on technology:


There are also apps that have kept us enticed, entertained and busy this time. Around summer, Nintendo’s Pokemon Go raked a lot of money as they made profit in a few months. There are also more users of other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I also downloaded some sales apps to give me notifications on sales offers.


For lovers of music, we also rely on technology like using Spotify. You may also need a very good head phone to enjoy the app. For me, I have a playlist which I created on Spotify and had to get a Beats by Dre Studio Wireless headphone on offer from Argos for half price of £170 against the original price of about £325. Also, if you need AirPods then you may look at getting an iPhone 7.


There was also an offer for PS4 and Xbox Game consoles with some games included at the rate of £199, in different shops. There were also games like FIFA 17, GTA 5, Street Fighter, etc., which all had price reductions. These were available in The Game, Argos, Currys, Entertainment, etc.


There are also offers on various phones and tablets that were available.  Much like the new iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPads, iPad mini, Samsung tablets and phones, and other phone models. There are also different price comparisons by different network providers on the phone contracts that can be taken by students, but it is worth comparing the prices.


Are you a reader of novels and eBooks? You can choose from kindle readers, iPads, iPad Mini, and other tablets like Samsung Galaxy tablets. The need for android of just a reader will determine the one you will go for. This season, there were offers for Apple iPads, Amazon Kindles and other tablets like Samsung Tablets. Another advantage is that you can connect them to WiFi and also browse with them.



The innovation of Amazon Echo has been good as it has good review by tech experts. It can be used with feedback and good response, with great sound, and aesthetics. It sold off all the first products within the Christmas sales, for £49.99, and then the price later rose for £149.99.


There are also various types of wrist gears that can be used. They include Fitbits, Samsung wrist gears, and Apple Watch Series 2. You can also wrist gears that help to check the blood pressures and number of steps done daily. Some of them also help for exercises.


There are various smart phones and tablets that require stylus and touch pens. We can also use them on screen touch laptops, screen touch boards, iPads and tablets. There are used on iPad Pro, and laptops like Microsoft Surface.


There are different types of laptops that can be looked at acquiring which are very good for students. You need to consider the flexibility, the size of the screen, the weight of the laptop, the battery life, and the aesthetics. Other things that can be looked at include the locking system, fingerprint technology, screen touch technology, and the compatibility of the software you need. However, there are various products that are trending like Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Dell Laptop, Sony laptop, etc.


Time is very important for students. However, a good wrist watch makes for a good wrist. There are a good number of new electronic watches, like the Casio Shock and Pulsar. You might also need water resistant watches as well in these products. You might also need the mechanical skeleton watches in gold or silver designs. These are available in shops like Argos.


As students, we need electronic calculators in some courses. These are necessary in accounts, statistics, mathematics, physics and engineering, among other disciplines. They are also made in various models, solar-powered calculators, battery-powered calculators and dual-powered calculators.


This season has seen offers in various television products. These include brands like Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Philips TV, Hitachi TV, Bush TV, etc. They are Ultra TVs, LED TVs and Smart TVs of different sizes. If you play games using Xbox and PS4, you might need to consider having a bigger screen. Also, smart TVs are also good for students, as we can browse directly with them and connect remotely using wifi and HDMI, if needed.


There are also some technology gadgets that we need at home. Sometimes, we may not need to use our headphones. As such, there is the need to play out loud, using speakers, home theatres and sound-bars. There have also been newer models, some of which are wireless, and are great quality. They can be Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.

However, whatever you purchase, you need to consider the budget, plan properly. Don’t just buy it because your friend got it or because you like it. Ensure it is something that suits you, one that you need and will complement your kind of person. Everyone has a style that complements him or her, and you need to find it. Sometimes, you can ask a friend: “Jack, what do you think about me getting this e-book Reader or Novel?”

Also, New Year is the best time to have a good outlook on life and a new look on life. This is the perfect time to achieve what you want. It is also the best time to get your dream gadget, or download that app which you will like. The app may be the game you have been procrastinating to try, so go ahead and download it now. Quit the procrastination, plan better, I wish you happy sale shopping.

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