Preview: Jagwar Ma at Lancaster Library


What’s this? An ACTUAL touring artist in Lancaster? Surely not? Nope, you’re not mistaken. Jagwar Ma will be paying a visit to Lancaster Library on 3rd March, and here’s why you should be excited.

The guys from Jagwar Ma have some serious touring chops, opening for the likes of the xx, Tame Impala, recording drums with Warpaint and producing with Foals. They released their latest record “Every now and Then” in October last year and it has been received brilliantly, scoring 4/5 in NME magazine (just ignore the 6.9/10 from Pitchfork they’re a bit cynical about most things in general). So hopefully gigs like this one will help put Lancaster on the U.K tour map a bit more.

The last gig at Lancaster was a well-received Lucy Rose, the review of which you can read in this very issue. Still, we can’t underestimate the importance of live music in any University experience. Lancaster was a hotspot back in the day, with the Who, Led Zeppelin and many more (Mick Jagger personally requested to play here with the Rolling Stones), which now may be a bit ambitious but still, we can do much better.

Anyway, forgive the side-track. I could go on for hours.

If you haven’t heard Jagwar Ma just go do it right now, like literally right now or you’re going to have to trust my flaccid attempt to get their sound into words. No? Fine. They’re psychedelic, funky, and more than a bit 90’s. Indeed they are quite indebted to the likes of Primal Scream and the 90’s Madchester scene in general. So if you like your ‘Fool’s Gold’ and your ‘Screamadelica’ then Jagwar Ma are most definitely up your proverbial street.

The reason we’re getting this gig in the first place is down to a group called ‘Get it Loud in Libraries’. Interestingly enough, one other artist who graced the Lancaster stage via this group was Adele. It was in 2008 and you had no idea did you. The group say of their endeavour, “A low ticket price, life chances to build young people’s skills and a library expanded to its cultural capacity on the bars of great new music is pretty much our thing”.

Other artists they’ve worked with include Florence and the Machine, Jessie J, and Noah and the Whale. Get it Loud also say of their work, “don’t miss anymore”. So I think the message is pretty clear. This is a simply fantastic opportunity for Lancaster and for music fans in general, to see an artist this established in such an intimate and unique environment is a rare thing. We have to be grateful that the Lancaster Library is open to such events as well because it adds to the culture of the city. Plus there aren’t many other libraries around the country who are participating so we really are a lucky bunch.

So, 3rd March. See you there.

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