Colour Me Copper


2016 left me feeling a little drab and a little worn out. In all honesty, my hair has never been in better condition, but I was in desperate need of a switch up and a trim. And so, before second term started, I found myself sat in the chair at Prestige Salon on Church Street, Lancaster.

I wanted a pretty drastic change, deciding on a different colour: red. I didn’t want to go all out fire-engine red or anything, but a subtle hint of red would do me just fine. The hairdresser spoke to me at length about what colour would suit me best, and hold the best in my hair. In the end I chose a red copper, it was beautiful and rich and had soft brown undertones so would look as natural as possible.

Mid-dyeing process, I was freaking out. Silently, might I add. It was a near 40-minute long panic attack. I was mainly thinking what the hell my mum would think when I rocked up at Easter with a different hair colour, but also about just how well the dye was taking to my hair. Even when washed off the roots of my hair were so red. Not really copper red either, but I was assured the colour would fade a little and would look less harsh. Of course, the expert hairdresser was right. Now, about a month later, it is less bright and a whole lot more natural.

The copper colour goes brighter towards the ends because of the bleach blonde that was on the ends before. But, I kind of like the effect and it looks a lot more natural than I could have hoped for. I’ve only ever received compliments about it, so that must be a positive. I will definitely invest in a re-dye when the colour fades a bit more, if I don’t do a cheapo home-dye first.

If you’re ever in Lancaster then Prestige is the place to go for your hair, plus the staff are all so lovely and welcoming. They do beauty too, and for a city centre hairdressers, they are pretty affordable. Can’t beat that on a student budget!

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