TV Preview: Returns, Reboots and Retreads

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The next fortnight’s television is all about returns. Old dramas are rebooted, follow-up series premiere, the Marvel Universe is expanded and Channel 4 is doing another show about survival. It may all be nothing new, but there’s still plenty to watch over the next two weeks.

Perhaps the most hyped show coming soon is Iron Fist on Netflix, the final standalone entry in The Defenders series before an Avengers-style team up later in the year. It follows Netflix’s success with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Based on the Marvel comic, Iron Fist is about a martial arts expert who is able to summon the power of a mystical force in order to save New York City. Following the popularity and critical acclaim of the previous Netflix Marvel series, this looks set to be a hit and is essential viewing for any Marvel fan since it is set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After last year’s mediocre attempt to continue Top Gear, following the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson the year before, the show returns to BBC Two for a second go at matching its previous success. Chris Evans is no more, which is probably for the best given that he was the worst part of last year’s mixed series. Matt LeBlanc, arguably, and surprisingly, the best bit of the last series is now the main host, with Rory Reid and Chris Harrison. Hopefully, the new version of the show will finally find its feet after dropping the excruciating Star in a Rally-Cross Car segment in favour of more actual car testing. This is the last chance the BBC have to get Top Gear right, and the signs are looking good so far.

There are three dramas to look out for this March. Likely to be the best drama of the year, Line of Duty is returning to BBC One. Following the Anti-Corruption unit of the Metropolitan Police, this year the show follows the investigation of an Inspector played by Thandie Newton. After being BBC Two’s biggest drama ever last year, it would be a crime to miss the latest entry. Another much-anticipated return is the second season of Love, which premieres on Netflix on March 10th. This romcom is created by Judd Apatow, of Knocked Up and Trainwrecked fame, and offers an honest look at a relationship. Despite being one of the more unknown Netflix originals, the show returns following high praise for its first outing. And from two returns to a reboot, Prime Suspect 1973 will premiere on ITV this month. The series is a prequel to the hugely successful Helen Mirren drama and charts Tennison’s first case. Chronicling a brutal murder investigation, the series promises to look at Tennison’s home life to explore the origins of Mirren’s iconic role.

Finally, Channel Four has another show about a group of men attempting to survive in the wild, but to distinguish it from their many previous efforts it will be set at sea. Mutiny follows nine men crossing 4000 miles of the Pacific Ocean recreating an actual voyage from 1789 in the same conditions. The challenge is certainly gruelling but interesting characters will be the key to the show’s success.

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