Glossy Lids: Just Stick to the Lips


Just when we thought we had seen it all with crazy makeup trends, the ‘glossy lid’ makes an appearance and is set to be hot makeup look of Spring  2017. The glossy lid is just what it sounds like, a shimmery eyeshadow look topped off with a slick coating of lip-gloss or Vaseline. This is an eye look that you will either love or hate, and depending on which colours you use, you do run the risk of looking like you have an eye infection. But when done right, the high gloss look is striking on Instagram and will really catch the light of the spring sunshine.

One thing that is particularly appealing with this look is that the messier it is, the better. Everyone loves a quick fix makeup look when you’re rushing to those 9am lectures. There’s no need for over the top blending, and an eyeliner flick so sharp it could cut glass, as the lip-gloss top coat is going to smudge everything together. To achieve the look, first apply shimmery or metallic eyeshadow to your eye, then run a little kohl eyeliner over your lash line with no need for precision; the more of a mess the better. Finally, top off the eye with some form of gloss – this can be Vaseline or basic lip-gloss or if you can afford it MAC sell the Kabuki Eye Gloss-Out, a product designed specifically for this glossy eye look.

This is a look that I have tried for myself with much scepticism, and it’s sad to say that I’m still not fully convinced by it. It is certainly a look for the bold, or those trying to try an edgier makeup look. I expected the high gloss edgy look I’d seen in so many Instagram photos, but instead it looked like what I can only describe as ’hangover makeup’ (the mess of makeup left on your face after a night out in Sugar).

It may be the case that this makeup look takes a lot of practice and a lot of getting used to. Yet the stickiness of the look may not be compatible with the windy city of Lancaster, especially if there is another storm Doris around the corner. I’m not quite ready to give up my sharp eyeliner wings just yet, and if this is the go-to makeup look of the spring, I might just have to keep my lip-gloss on my lips.

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