Dressing Smart and Ting

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I remember back when I was a fresher, how excited I was to spend every day wearing whatever took my fancy. Gone were the days of wearing a suit and tie daily, or that dreaded school uniform. This was the era of pyjamas to lectures and only wearing a towel during a fire drill.

Yet I slowly found myself feeling like I was wearing the same thing every day. Sure I was wearing those new grey skinny jeans instead of my blue ones or a new wacky t-shirt that I’d bought but it was still the same; t-shirt, jeans, converse and a hoody. To my surprise I found myself missing the novelty of dressing well, scrolling through the website of Moss Bros just to stare at a well tailored suit.

 Now other than my clear insanity, I do believe there are benefits to dressing well, especially when on campus. Often, I’ve found that when I dress to impress my confidence is boosted, my focus is greater and I’m more comfortable with and prepared for the days many challenges. Not to mention it grabs people’s attention; no matter the situation your friends will definitely notice if you decide to change things up.

Dressing smart isn’t about buying the most expensive clothes either, it’s more about putting effort into look a little more formal and looking comfortable in it. Switching to a formal shirt isn’t enough, and it might not be right for you. Instead, try to augment your current wardrobe, adding a touch of panache to your daily routine.

Wear a dress instead of jeans. Try a smarter blouse or shirt and see how it makes you feel. Why not wear a blazer over your hoody and see how that looks? I myself have found wearing a contrasting Harrington jacket and white converse with my shirt, tie and chinos for work has created the type of smart-casual balance that I’ve been looking for.

Now I’m not saying to throw yourself off the deep end and wear a three piece suit and pocket watch to your 9am. All I’m saying is, uni is a time to experiment in what you like – most people go down the more relaxed route, but dip your toes into dressing smart and you might enjoy it.

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