Tory Comedian Comes to Lancaster


Geoff Norcott claims to be one of the only comedians in the UK who is openly Conservative and Brexit-voting. He is bringing his debut tour, Conswervative, to The Borough in Lancaster.

A self-proclaimed “class traitor”, Norcott’s show asks how he could possibly end up leaning right, given his council estate background and trade unionist father –  “I’m aware that a council estate kid like me shouldn’t technically vote conservative,” he told SCAN, “so I’m trying to work out how I ended up batting for the other team.”

“Growing up I felt like a political version of Billy Elliot.”

Starting as an English Literature teacher, Geoff then developed a career in comedy – as a writer for shows including A League of Their Own, 8 Out of 10 Cats and Channel 4’s Alternative Election NIght.

Conswervative is his first stand-up comedy tour after successful stints at various festivals. He was nominated for “Leicester Comedy Festival Best New Show.”

“I think people just became more political generally,” Geoff told SCAN, “they tend to when the Tories are in power. In fact I’ve got no idea what we argued about in the noughties. I seem to recall something to do with banks…”

How will his show be received by Lancaster – which voted Labour in the last general election? “It’s pretty tight up there,” he says, “Labour only won it back at the last election. Plus I’m not sure anything is a certainty with comrade Corbyn in charge. He could come third in an arm wrestle.”

“In truth the show works best with a good mix. I also have a ‘heckle amnesty’ for any proper lefties to blow off steam.”

The ‘heckle amnesty’ is a unique feature of Geoff’s show – a period for the audience to raise their issues with what Geoff has said. Indeed, he encourages the audience to come with their ideas to save the NHS. Norcott has featured on Question Time, Daily Politics and the Today show on BBC Radio 4 – so do political debates get heated?

“I’ve had a few walkouts when I mention I voted Leave. It’s not ideal but the moment is generally rich in irony.”

“Even though the show is politically inspired it’s comedy primarily. People enjoying themselves is more important to me than converting them.”

He says that the show is not at the expense of the left: it’s “mainly at the expense of me, to be honest.”
Geoff Norcott: Conswervative, will play at Lancaster Comedy Club at The Borough on April 23rd. Tickets are available here.

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