Men dominate handball again


Lancaster’s men triumphed over York yet again in the handball, cruising to an 18-6 victory. Lancaster have always bettered York at handball in Roses, and 2017 was no exception.

From the outset, it was obvious that Lancaster had the physical edge, going into an early lead. Jack Walker and Daniel Boguslowicz were on fire, pushing their strength about to unnerve York. By halftime, Lancaster were in a commanding position, leading 6-1. Despite allowing York to have possession and opportunities, the red’s defence was too regimented.

Geoffrey Tsui was inspired in goal, stopping plenty of attempts by York. In the second half Lancaster upped their game, creating a more enticing spectacle than the scrappy first half. The game flowed more and the goals flew in, but York never truly looked like they were capable of drawing level.

The crowd were loud and passionate, but Lancaster were not put off. York called a few timeouts but they could never regain their composure for more than a couple of goals.

They pulled it back to 13-6, but whenever York began to get a groove on, Lancaster simply turned on the heat and scored a few more.

With more action and more goals, the second half was definitely a better spectacle, and Lancaster ran out 18-6 winners.

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