A frenzy of goals leads Lancaster to success in mixed lacrosse


The windy conditions down at 22 Acres didn’t prevent the Mixed Lacrosse match from being an entertaining, fast-paced game. Whilst fans were being blown about, and the goals were being secured in place with bags to prevent them blowing away, both teams remained focused on the task ahead and the 2 points allocated to the fixture.

Lancaster took the lead, predominantly as a result of their pace and strength in the air, extending this to a 2 goal advantage after placing pressure upon the York defence. York were able to reduce the deficit but each time they did Lancaster would respond instantly, with the home side only being in front once throughout the match. However, had York been able to convert some of their shots on goal then the outcome of the match is likely to have been very different – York were unlucky in front of net, with some of their attempts being prevented due to the Lancaster keeper’s quick-reaction saves, and other going inches wide of the net.

The final 10 minutes of the match was a frenzy of goals, with there being 5 scored in the space of 6 minutes. York scored a goal as the final whistle went which wasn’t given, this didn’t affect the overall outcome of the match as Lancaster managed an 8-6 victory.

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