Clinical finishing give Lancaster 3rd’s rugby victory


The first rugby match of the Saturday set the standard for the day: it was fast and frenetic from the start.

Each team produced excellent showcases of attack and defence throughout the entire match. However, York and their brute force from the forwards found early points, keeping them in front for the majority of the game.

Lancaster’s defence remained strong however, with heavy tackles coming in often keeping their hopes alive. Despite conceding multiple penalties in their half, only Matthew Borthwick planted for the Cats, meaning the score was 10-10 at half-time.

Lancaster looked like a different team in the latter half, with their backs running dynamic and fast lines. With these set pieces gaining territory, a phenomenal maul from the forwards allowed the Cats to take the lead by 8 points, courtesy of a Brad Ives try and an Alex Griffiths penalty.

However, the men in yellow had an inspired resurgence and seemed determined to deny the away team a win in the closing stages.

The finale was a dramatic affair, with York looking for a single converted score that would give them victory. The close stages were gripping and seemed to last forever for the Lancastrian supporters.

But 15 minutes of heroic defence and outstanding pressure from Lancaster kept York at bay until the whistle was blown, giving the Cats an historic away win. Final score: 23-17 to Lancaster.

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