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Following on from interviews with Bailrigg FM and LA1:TV, we caught up with Editor Laura Wilkinson, to talk about the third and final student media group, our very own SCAN.

What aims does SCAN have?

SCAN is Lancaster University’s very own student newspaper, run by students, for students, bringing up to date news and features on a fortnightly basis with our paper copy and daily on our website. SCAN stands for Student Comment and News, which is a good way to sum up what we report on! We hope that the paper and online articles that we produce are both fun and informative for students.

Who is the society aimed at? Any experience needed?

Our society is for everyone. Contrary to most people’s belief you do not need to have any experience to write articles for the paper or online and we can help you every step of the way. A lot of people also think that you need to do some form of English degree to get involved but some of our best writers don’t do English and we would encourage everyone to give it a go and see if you like it. SCAN doesn’t only need writers however, we also need photographers, production editors and designers, as well as website designers and online editors, so there is plenty for people to get involved with.

What meetings do you have – when/where each week?

Each section holds regular meetings in order to get ideas for new articles and to give article ideas to writers. These meetings take place in many different locations so the best way to find out where these meetings take place is to join the individual Facebook Group for the section you want to write for or to message/email the section editor.

What about socials?

Socials take place every term, these are often casual drinks or meetings in one of the town pubs or at one of our Editor’s houses, but we also have more formal events. This year we had a Christmas meal at Greaves Park and this was lots of fun and we all ate plenty of great food!

What does SCAN have planned for this year? (events)

As well as our termly socials we also hold an annual SCAN Awards night where we present loads of awards including Journalist of the Year as well as a few more silly awards. We are always looking for more ideas for socials and events so if you want to join SCAN and help with planning our events then we would more than welcome that too!

How would a student who is interested in SCAN get involved?

The best way to get involved is to first decide which section you would like to be involved in, whether that’s writing or our other supporting roles, and contact the section editor directly. Alternatively, you can send a message to our Facebook page or to me, on scan.editor@lusu.co.uk and we can discuss where you would best fit in if you’re not sure! Next year we will also be at Freshers’ Fairs and holding more meetings, so come along and meet us there too.

How much is the society fee?

The yearly fee is £7. This is a joint membership which allows you access to all 3 student media, SCAN, LA1:TV and Bailrigg FM, so it’s definitely worth the cost!

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